What are the disadvantages of FxPro?

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In the dynamic realm of forex trading, selecting a reputable and reliable broker is paramount for success. While FxPro is a well-established broker with a strong reputation, it is essential for both novice and experienced traders to be aware of the potential drawbacks before opening an account. This comprehensive guide delves into the disadvantages of FxPro, providing a balanced and objective overview to help traders make informed decisions.

1. Higher Trading Costs Compared to Some Competitors

One of the primary disadvantages of FxPro is its relatively higher trading costs compared to some of its competitors. While FxPro offers competitive spreads on a variety of currency pairs, its commission structure can be less favorable for traders who execute a high volume of trades. For instance, FxPro's commission fees for MT4 accounts start from $30 per round trip for standard lots, which may be higher than commissions charged by other brokers.

2. Lack of Welcome Bonus or Deposit Bonus

Unlike many of its competitors, FxPro does not offer a welcome bonus or deposit bonus to new traders. These bonuses can provide valuable additional capital to start trading and potentially boost profits, particularly for traders with limited initial deposits. The absence of such a bonus may be a consideration for traders seeking additional incentives when choosing a broker.

3. Limited Customer Support Options

FxPro's customer support options are somewhat limited compared to some of its peers. While the broker offers support via phone, email, and live chat, its customer support hours are not 24/7. This may be a drawback for traders who require assistance outside of regular business hours or prefer immediate responses.

4. Inactivity Fee

FxPro charges an inactivity fee of $10 per month if a trading account remains inactive for a period of 12 months. This fee may be overlooked by traders who do not trade frequently but could result in unnecessary expenses.

5. Restricted Trading Instruments for Certain Account Types

Certain account types offered by FxPro, such as the MT4 Standard account, have restrictions on the trading instruments available. For instance, these accounts do not allow trading in CFDs on cryptocurrencies. This may be a limitation for traders who are interested in trading crypto assets.


FxPro is a reputable forex broker with a strong track record, offering competitive trading conditions, advanced trading platforms, and educational resources. However, it is essential for traders to be aware of the potential disadvantages before opening an account. The higher trading costs, lack of a welcome bonus, limited customer support options, inactivity fee, and restricted trading instruments for certain account types should be carefully considered in conjunction with the broker's strengths when making a decision.

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