FP Markets Rebates Forex Cashback

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FP Markets, a renowned player in the global trading arena, offers an attractive incentive for traders: the FP Markets Rebates and Forex Cashback program. This program is designed to reward traders by providing them with cashback and rebates, enhancing their trading experience and potential profitability. This article explores the intricacies of this program and how it benefits traders.

Understanding FP Markets Rebates and Forex Cashback

What are Rebates and Forex Cashback?

Rebates in forex trading are a form of cashback where traders receive a refund of a portion of the spread or commission they pay on each trade. FP Markets' Rebates program effectively reduces the cost of trading by returning a part of these fees to the trader.

How Does the Program Work?

Traders enrolled in the FP Markets Rebates and Forex Cashback program earn cashback based on their trading volume. The more they trade, the more they can earn in rebates. This system is designed to benefit active traders by offsetting some of their trading costs.

The Advantages of FP Markets Rebates and Forex Cashback

Reduced Trading Costs

One of the primary benefits of the FP Markets Rebates program is the reduction in trading costs. By receiving a rebate for every trade, traders can lower the overall cost, which can be particularly beneficial for high-frequency traders.

Enhanced Trading Margins

With the savings from the rebates, traders can potentially increase their trading margins. This additional capital can be used to open larger positions or to diversify trading strategies.

No Restrictions on Trading Style

FP Markets' Rebates and Forex Cashback program imposes no restrictions on trading styles. Whether a trader prefers scalping, swing trading, or long-term investing, they can still benefit from the rebates.

Eligibility and How to Join

Who is Eligible?

The FP Markets Rebates program is typically available to all traders who register and trade with real accounts. However, it’s important to check the specific terms and conditions, as these can vary.

How to Enroll in the Program

Enrolling in the FP Markets Rebates and Forex Cashback program usually involves signing up through the broker's website and opting into the program. Traders may need to meet certain criteria, such as a minimum deposit or trading volume.


The FP Markets Rebates and Forex Cashback program offers a compelling advantage for traders, allowing them to earn cashback on their trades and reduce overall trading costs. With its straightforward approach and potential to enhance trading profitability, it's an attractive feature for both new and experienced traders in the dynamic world of forex trading.

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