FxOpen forex cashback from Cashbackcloud - 85% on EUR/USD

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In the competitive world of Forex trading, cashback programs have emerged as a significant factor in a trader's decision-making process. One such intriguing offer is the "FXOpen forex cashback from Cashbackcloud - 85% on EUR/USD", which stands out due to its high rebate percentage. This article delves into the details of this cashback offer, its implications for traders, and how it compares with industry standards, ensuring a thorough understanding of its value proposition.


Cashback programs are designed to provide traders with a rebate on the spread or commission paid on their trades. This can significantly reduce trading costs and improve profitability. The offer by Cashbackcloud for FXOpen clients provides an 85% rebate on the spread for EUR/USD trades, one of the most traded currency pairs globally. This overview examines the mechanics of this cashback offer, evaluates its benefits, and provides strategic insights into its use.

Understanding the FXOpen Cashback Offer

Cashback Mechanism:

  • Traders receive an 85% rebate on the spread costs incurred while trading the EUR/USD pair.

  • The cashback is calculated based on the spread between the buy and sell price, a critical cost in Forex trading.

Eligibility and Activation:

  • The offer is available to FXOpen clients who register through Cashbackcloud.

  • Traders need to sign up at Cashbackcloud, link their FXOpen trading account, and trade as usual to earn cashback.

Comparative Analysis with Industry Standards

Comparison with Other Brokers:

  • While many brokers offer cashback rebates, a rebate as high as 85% on spread costs is relatively rare, particularly for such a high-volume currency pair.

  • Competing cashback offers generally range from 10% to 50% of the spread, depending on the broker and the specific trading conditions.

Case Studies:

  • Case Study 1: A trader who typically incurs $1000 in spread costs on EUR/USD trades in a month could save $850 through this cashback offer, significantly impacting their bottom line.

  • Case Study 2: Another trader found that combining the cashback offer with FXOpen’s competitive spreads provided even greater savings compared to using another broker without such a rebate program.

Impact of the Cashback Offer on Trader Behavior and Performance

Economic Benefits:

  • Direct savings on trading costs, which can be particularly beneficial during high volatility periods when spreads might widen.

  • Potential for increased trading volume as traders feel more comfortable executing additional trades due to reduced cost implications.

Strategic Trading Advantages:

  • Traders might use the savings from cashback to explore new trading strategies without risking additional capital.

  • Enhanced ability to maintain positions for longer durations by offsetting some of the costs associated with wider spreads during overnight positions.

Future Trends and Cashback Evolution in Forex Trading

Market Trends:

  • There is a growing trend towards more transparent and generous cashback offers, driven by increased competition among brokers and cashback services.

  • Innovations in tracking technology now allow for real-time cashback calculations and payments, enhancing trader satisfaction and trust in these programs.


  • The success of high rebate programs like the one offered by Cashbackcloud for FXOpen may encourage more brokers to partner with rebate services or enhance their own cashback offerings.

  • Increased customization of cashback offers based on trading frequency, volume, or even trader loyalty could become common.


The FXOpen forex cashback offer from Cashbackcloud providing 85% on EUR/USD trades represents one of the most compelling rebate opportunities in the Forex market today. This offer not only enhances the attractiveness of FXOpen as a broker but also underscores the evolving landscape of trader incentives in Forex trading. By leveraging such programs, traders can significantly reduce their trading costs, improve profitability, and potentially engage in more diverse trading strategies.

For further details on how to participate in this cashback program and to verify the terms and conditions, traders should visit Cashbackcloud and FXOpen.

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